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Writer's Block: Music of my heart

What’s that one song that always reminds you of the one that got away?

I can think of dozens, but one that sticks out in my mind right now is Alone by Heart.

(But before I continue, a sidenote: I don't know if I should call him the one that got away, because he did get away but he didn't stay away.)

The reason it reminds me of this particular person is because I once sang it to him: one night I was out with a friend on Broadway (San Francisco's Broadway, not New York's) and I ran into him and a female friend of his. I suggested he and his female companion join my friend and I for karaoke, and so they did. Fun times, right? Sure, except that he happened to say "[Female friend] is hella good at karaoke, she's gonna kick all our asses!!" Now, I'm not so pretentious as to call myself a ~singer~ when I have never done so professionally, but I have been singing since before I could talk (such is the life of a Filipino, but especially me) and took classical training for several years. So yeah, I sing.

Suddenly, despite my friendliness towards this girl (she's really cool, honest!), a competitive flame ignites inside me. Or, as the other friend I was with that night would say, I went into CHALLENGE ACCEPTED mode.

We get to the bar and enter our songs. There is only one obvious choice for me: Heart's Alone, which I then considered my showpiece. (I've moved on to other signature songs since then, although this still remains one of them.) My intent was not really to show this girl up - she didn't deserve to be upstaged - but really to show him who's the real singer in this group. We'd grown up together, but he'd never seen me perform and I was never really sure if he knew I could sing. But more importantly, I felt sort of territorial about this - why was he praising her instead of me?

Alone begins playing and I step up to the mic, Tokyo Tea in hand. I begin confidently - the low notes don't faze me, and I've sung this dozens if not hundreds of times before. Everything is going well. The first chorus hits, and I attack it just as confidently. The second, more emotional verse begins, and I sing it with the appropriate feeling. Then, the second chorus - I take a sip of my Tokyo Tea, breathe, and bust out the money note (F#5, in full chest voice, for you music geeks).  The whole bar explodes into applause and cheers. Finally over the biggest hurdle, I rock the song until the very last note and rush back to his spot at the bar to hoots, clapping and high-fives. "So now you know I can sing," I said triumphantly.

The other girl's song comes up (an NSYNC song, if I remember, and her voice is just okay) and I cheer for her because she's a cool person. Then we duet on "Total Eclipse of the Heart," and have fun with it. However, for the rest of the night he seems distant. I then feel like a complete douchebag - the whole night and for weeks afterward - for getting so competitive, but it was a matter of honour for me. And more than just trying to show him what I could do, I realised at the end that I meant every word of what I sang.

Plus it was kind of cool to get free drinks for being able to sing.


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Aug. 3rd, 2011 06:08 pm (UTC)
that's a cool story. and now I want to hear your singing voice too ç_ç (I love people able to sing. I've got a good voice but no training at all and I love when someone praises me... XD)
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