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Eljhay's Eljhay

On n'oublie jamais d'ou l'on vient

11 October 1987
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★ The LJ of a girl born L.J. and thus nicknamed Eljhay.
★ Manileña by birth, Pampangueña by blood, San Franciscan Californian by upbringing and Parisienne at heart.
★ All ginger and jazz... and gin, all of which help her to sing (which she does and does often).
★ Consummate artist (performing and visual).
★ Jack of all trades, master of none is often better than master of one
★ Obsessed with lists and organisation, yet often accused of being disorganised.
★ Granddaughter of a man and woman who fought valiantly in World War II to protect their country from the enemy, only to find themselves, sixty years later, with a boatload of grandchildren and great-grandchildren all obsessed fascinated with Japan.

Travel, trouble, music, art,
A kiss, a frock, a rhyme-
I never said they feed my heart,
But still they pass my time.

Dorothy Parker, "Faute de Mieux"

"People become stronger through adventures. If you're going to adventure, make it a big adventure."

Tendou's Grandmother Tendou Souji (Hiro Mizushima), "Kamen Rider Kabuto"

Quote attributed to my buddy and fellow Ouran/DN fan kotomichi